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Photo1. Malaysia BIMTALK

The Malaysia BIM(Building Information Modeling) TALK had been successfully held on 21stJune, 2016 at MBAM Training Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is organizedby Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) and Construction IndustryDevelopment Board (CIDB) Malaysia. 55 attendees including directors,consultants, estimators, architects, surveyors, engineers, academicians andother stakeholders in the construction industry attended the meeting.   馬來西亞BIM(建築資訊模型)論壇於2016年6月21日在馬來西亞吉隆玻的MBAM培訓中心成功舉行。此次論壇由馬來西亞建築商協會(MBAM)和馬來西亞建築業發展委員會(CIDB)共同舉辦。55位出席者包括行業內的會長、建築顧問、建築評估師、建築師、測量師、工程師、學者和其它建築業相關人員參加了此次論壇。


BIM is one of thenew emerging technologies to be deployed in the design, construction, andfacility management in which a digital representation of the building is beingcreated to facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information indigital format. In Malaysia, the progress of BIM mainly driven by privatesectors since 2009 and followed by the first government project announced usingBIM methodology in 2010. Understanding the importance of BIM in constructionindustry, CIDB will complement the efforts by providing a sustainableenvironment where BIM will survive and thrive. Early efforts includes providingawareness programs and workshops with the industry to gather feedback andcomment aimed at charting the way forward for a wider and wiser implementationof BIM.   The talk aims tocreate awareness and enhance the knowledge on BIM.  This is part of MBAM’s continuing efforts tokeep members abreast and aware with the latest information and developmentrelated to the construction industry.   BIM是應用於設計、建築、基礎設施領域的、以促進數位資訊交換和互通的新興科技之一。在馬來西亞, 2009年起BIM主要應用於私營企業項目,2010年首次應用於政府項目。洞悉BIM在建築行業的重要地位後,CIDB致力於為BIM長期的生存和繁榮發展打造穩定的、可持續的環境。早期的行動包括培養BIM意識和提供工作坊,以收集反饋和建議的方式落實BIM未來前進路線。   此次論壇旨在培養BIM意識,加強BIM知識。這也是MBAM為其會員提供專業支援的一部分:讓會員了解最新行業知識和最新行業發展動態。


Photo2. MBAMcouncil group photo with all speakers.

Sr Miranda Lui (the fifth in the right in Photo 2),the Chair of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) as well as the CharteredInstitution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES)’ s Chairlady of Hong Kongregion / Senior

Vice-Chair of China Region, attended this talk andwas invited as the speaker.

  國際BIM研究院(CoE)的理事長,同時也是英國特許土木工程測量師學會(ICES)香港區會長、中 國區高級副會長的呂靜儀女士(圖二左五)出席參加了此次論壇,并受邀成為論壇演講嘉賓。


Photo3. Mr KennethLiew


The WelcomeRemarks was given by Mr Kenneth Liew, the Chairman as well as the CouncilMember of MBAM. MBAM主席兼委員會委員的Kenneth Liew先生發表開幕致辭。



Photo4 & 5. SrMiranda Lui   Sr Miranda Lui wasinvited to deliver her presentation on the topic of "Global BIMdevelopment & Implementation", which focuses on the latest globaldevelopment of BIM. She also gave a brief introduction of Global BIM Centre ofExcellence (CoE) in which implementation strategies was shared.   呂靜儀工程師被邀請發表題為“國際BIM發展與落實”的演講,演講主要圍繞國際前沿BIM的發展來展開。此外,呂女士還分享了對國際BIM研究院實施策略的簡要介紹。


Photo6. (from left to right) 1. Mr Ong Ka Thiam, Council Member of MBAM 2. Mr Kenneth Liew, Chairman / Council Member of MBAM 3. Sr Miranda Lui, Chair ofCoE     Chairlady of ICES HK Region / SeniorVice-Chair of China Region 4. Mr Lau Yew Mun, Council Member of MBAM   The Chairman / The Council Member of MBAM MrKenneth Liew, accompanied by Mr Ong Ka Thiam and Mr Lau Yew Mun, gave a Certificate of Appreciation to SrMiranda Lui from CoE / ICES to express the appreciation for her excellentpresentation.   委員會委員Ong Ka Thiam先生和Lau Yew Mun 先生陪同主席兼委員會委員Kenneth Liew先生,為呂靜儀女士頒發嘉許證書,以表達委員會對呂女士優秀演講的感謝。


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