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第三届地理空间信息与工程大會(CGISE)暨印度尼西亞測量師協會週年科學論壇(FIT ISI 2016)在印度尼西亞成功舉辦

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20170210008Photo1&2. The 3rd CGISE

The 3rd Conference on Geospatial Information and Engineering (CGISE) Cum Institute of Surveyor Indonesia Annual Scientific Forum 2016 (FIT ISI 2016) was organized by Department of Geodesy Faculty of Gadjah Mada University (Universitas Gadjah Mada, UGM) and Institute of Surveyor Indonesia (ISI) Regional Commissioner's Special Region of Yogyakarta from 26 – 27 October, 2016 in Indonesia.

第三届地理空间信息与工程大會(CGISE)暨印度尼西亞測量師協會週年科學論壇(FIT ISI 2016)于2016年10月26日至27日在印度尼西亞成功舉辦。此次會議由加查馬達大學(UGM)大地測量系與印度尼西亞測量師協會(ISI)日惹特區主辦。

Institute of Surveyor Indonesia (ISI) was established on 17th June, 1972 in Bandung by experts in surveying and mapping who were attending a seminar "Education of Geodesy in Indonesia", its community organizations are professional and Pancasila. ISI aims at becoming the professional survey and mapping organization and cultivating its members to be skilled experts in surveying and mapping industry. Now ISI has over 8,000 members in Indonesia, 2,000 of which are licensed.

印度尼西亞測量師協會(ISI)于1972年6月17日由多位測繪專家于萬隆成立,這些測繪專家都參加了“印度尼西亞大地測量教育”研討會,協會遵循專業性原則和建國五項原則(“潘查希拉”)。 協會旨在成為專業的測繪機構,培養成員成為測繪專業的技術專家。目前ISI在印度尼西亞擁有超過8000名會員,其中2,000名獲得測量師認證。

Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is an Indonesian public Ivy League research university located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, founded on December 19, 1949. UGM is the oldest and largest institution of higher learning in Indonesia and has been considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. UGM creates conducive environment for the continuity of the learning process that pursues in the context of developing multidisciplinary collaborations and responding to ecological issues in order to achieve the vision of the university.



Photo3. Gate and Students of UGM

20170210009Photo4. Attendees (from left to right)

The 3rd Conference on Geospatial Information and Engineering (CGISE) is a biannual scientific conference. This year, the theme is One Map Policy (OMP) spirits in the framework. Encouraging acceleration of Village Mapping, spatial plan of Map details and Infrastructure Development.

第三届地理空间信息与工程大會(CGISE)是一個週年性的科學大會。今年,大會的主題為“One Map”政策的架構,旨在鼓勵加快村莊地圖繪製,地圖細節空間規劃和基礎設施發展。

With the spirit of the policy of the forum, for large-scale and professionalism certification, the conference invites participants include: Male/Female experts / practitioners / users / entrepreneurs, to share experiences and strengthen the network for the advancement of the nation's era of free competition MEA. The forum discussed issues on: 1) Facing Professional Certification spirit of MEA, 2) The spirit of Policy Map to Accelerate RDTR and Village Map, 3) The Role of Professional Surveyors-mapping On Infrastructure Development, 4) The spirit of Policy Map to Defense, Border Areas and National Independence, 5) Entering the engineering Law, 6) Geospatial Applications Already get effective (Navigation, Location-Based Services, Mobile GIS, Mobile Mapping).

遵循大會擴大規模和專業認證的主旨,會議邀請與會者包括:男/女專家、從業者、用戶以及企業家,分享經驗并加強合作,推進國家的自由競爭。 論壇討論了以下問題:1)面向MEA的專業認證,2)基於“One Map”政策加速RDTR和村莊地圖的落實,3)專業測量師在基礎設施發展中的作用,4)“Policy Map”在國防,邊境及國家獨立中的作用,5)工程師准入法,6)地理空間應用的效用(導航,基於位置的服務,移動GIS,移動測量)。


Photo5. Attendees (from left to right)
Priyadi Kardono, Head of BIG
                                           Prijono Nugroho, Head of Department of Geomantic UGM
                                                         Sofyan Djalil, Minister of Agrarian & Spatial Planning/Land                      AgencyQorita, Rector/Head of UGM 

      Virgo Eresta Jaya, President of ISI

                                               Adi Darmawan, General Director of Infrastructure of Agrarian
                        Panut Mulyono, Dean of Technical Faculty UGM
                                                Catur, Chairman of Committee CGSE and FIT ISI2016, Lecture

In the speech session, Sr Miranda Lui, the Chairlady of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) as well as the Chairlady of Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Hong Kong Region / the Senior Vice-Chair of China Region, delivered a wonderful speech under the topic of Spatial Information Infrastructure and BIM in Smart City. In the presentation, Ms. Lui introduced the definition of Smart City and shared her opinion on how spatial data, BIM and infrastructure are related, then she discussed the significance of integrating spatial data and BIM into Smart City, after that she explored where is OMP of Indonesia in BIM implementation.
在演講環節,國際BIM研究院(CoE)理事長,同時也是英國土木工程測量師學會香港地區主席、中國地區高級副主席的呂靜儀測量師發表了以“智慧城市中的空間資訊基礎設施與建築信息模型(BIM)”為主題的精彩演講。在演講中,呂女士介紹了智慧城市的含義,分享了她對空間資訊、BIM和基礎設施之間相關性的看法,隨後她討論了將空間數據和BIM與智慧城市相融合的重要性,最後探索了印度尼西亞“One Map”政策在BIM中如何落實。


Photo6. Ms. Miranda Lui

Additionally, on the 26th October 2016, Ms. Miranda Lui had a meeting with ISI discussing the OMP. The OMP was introduced under Law No. 4 of 2011 regarding Geospatial Information (Law No. 4/2011) to require one base map used as reference for Indonesia before the year of 2025. In other words, the OMP can be interpreted as a concept where Indonesia shall only have one base map to be used as reference by other government agencies in designing their own sectoral maps (Article 19 of Law No 4/2011). The Indonesian government shall be the only party that has the authority to design and create a national base map, the implementation of which will be managed by BIG. The purpose of OMP is to have one base map as reference, to have one standard to be used by government agencies to design sectoral maps, to have one map database and to have one map geoportal. Now ISI has over 8,000 members in Indonesia, 2,000 of which are licensed.

此外,2016年10月26日呂靜儀女士與ISI在會議上討論了“One Map”政策。 該政策在2011年被關於地理空間信息的第4號法律(第4/2011號法律)引入,要求在2025年前繪製一張基準地圖作為印度尼西亞的參考。換句話說,“One Map”政策可以被解釋為: 印度尼西亞只允許有一張基準地圖為標準,供其他政府機構參考以設計部門各自的地圖(第4/2011號法律第19條)。 印度尼西亞政府是唯一有權設計和創建國家基準地圖的機構,其執行情況由BIG管理。“One Map”政策的目的是有一個基準地圖作為參考、有一個能被其他政府部門使用的標準地圖、有一個地圖數據庫和一個空間地理信息地圖。目前ISI在印度尼西亞擁有超過8000名會員,其中2,000名獲得測量師認證。

ISI-CoE Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is sign on the date of 27 November 2016 during the conference by Mr. Virgo Eresta Jay (President of ISI) and Sr Miranda Lui (Chair of CoE) that collaboration between two organizations has kicked off. As a result, ISI invited experts, members and professionals of CoE and ICES to submit articles for its monthly publication named SURVEYOR INSIGHT, any hot topics within construction industry are welcome.
ISI-CoE諒解備忘錄(MoU)是在2016年11月27日由Virgo Eresta Jay先生(ISI主席)和呂靜儀測量師(CoE理事長)在 會議上簽署的,標誌著兩個組織間的緊密合作已經開始。於是,ISI邀請來自國際BIM研究院和英國特許土木工程測量師學會的專家、會員以及專業人士向其月刊《SURVEYOR INSIGHT》投稿,文章主題可以是建築領域相關的任何熱門話題。



What is more, the Seminar “Achieve SDGS 2016-2030 And Ranking 40 EoDB” will be organized by ISI and Institute of Technology (ITS) on 15 November 2016 in Surabaya, Indonesia. It invites CoE & ICES to give presentations on the conference and to prepare an exhibition booth for demonstration use.

此外,由ISI和理工學院(ITS)主辦的“Achieve SDGS 2016-2030 And Ranking 40 EoDB” 研討會將於2016年11月15日在印度尼西亞泗水舉行。 研討會邀請國際BIM研究院和英國特許土木工程測量師學會發表演說,並準備一個展示攤位作為示範。

On 27th October 2016, Ms. Miranda Lui had a meeting with the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), an institution of higher learning of science, technology, fine arts, education and research founded by the Indonesian government on 2nd March 1959, to discuss how to implement BIM into OMP and the details of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). ITB has taken the lead and in-charge of the Photogrammetry surveying work in Bandung.

2016年10月27日,呂靜儀女士與ITB進行了會議。ITB是一個由印度尼西亞政府于1959年3月2日成立的集科學、技術、藝術,教育和研究于一身的高等教育機構。會議討論了如何將BIM 落實到“One Map”政策并討論了有關諒解備忘錄(MoU)的諸多細節。 ITB帶領及負責萬隆的攝影測量工作。


Photo8. ITB Logo


 Photo9. Others


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