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One Belt One Road and a Prosperous Africa (OBORPA) Seminar was successfully held on 30 November 2016 (Wednesday) at the Run Run Shaw Tower of the University of Hong Kong. It was supported by South African Consulate-General Hong Kong SAR/Macao SAR. PRC, School of Modern Languages and Cultures HKU of the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Maritime Silk Road Society, Africa Asia Professionals Network and South Africa Inspiring New Ways.

一帶一路與繁盛的非洲研討會于2016年11月20日(星期三)在香港大學邵逸夫樓成功舉辦。本次研討會獲得南非領事館駐香港及澳門特別行政區、香港大學當代語言與文化學院、香港貿發局、海上絲綢之路協會、Africa Asia Professionals Network和South Africa Inspiring New Ways的大力支持。


On behalf of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) Ms. Claire Liu, the Liaison Officer of CoE, attended this conference. CoE focuses on the “One Belt One Road” Strategy, keeps close relationship with experts and scholars within the industry, regarding promoting the development of the construction industry as the fundamental purpose, devoting to push the profound application of BIM technology, strengthening international exchanges & discussion, accelerating BIM personnel training and boosting the informatization process of construction industry.
國際BIM研究院(CoE)聯絡官劉天宇女士,代表CoE出席參加了此次活動。CoE關注一帶一路政策,緊密聯繫國內外行業內的專家學者,以促進建築行業發展為根本目的,積極推動BIM 技術在國內的深化應用與人才培養,並加強國際間的交流與探討,推進建設領域資訊化進程。

Similar to CoE’s mission, OBORPA aims to discuss people to people connections, infrastructure investments, agricultural potential & greater synergy with Agenda 2063 of the African Union, educational collaboration, cultural exchanges, science & technology innovation, Infrastructure development and Maritime connectivity.

After welcome remarks delivered by Mrs. Phumelele Gwala, the Consul-General of South Africa Consul-General Hong Kong SAR/Macao SAR PRC, Mr. Jacque De Vos, the Director of Investec (Beijing) Limited, delivered his speech around the connection among investment, infrastructure and the South Africa.
在南非領事館駐香港及澳門特別行政區總領事谷拉女士的開幕式致辭之後, 天達(北京)投資顧問有限公司董事霍杰仕先生圍繞投資、基礎設施建設與非洲的關係發表了演講。

Then the Deputy Director of Research of Hong Kong Trade Development Council Ms. Pansy Yau introduced the background, the significance and advantages of the role of Hong Kong as super connector. Following that, Mr. CL Wang, the Advisor of Maritime Silk Road Society, shared his viewpoints on the relationship among Mainland China, Hong Kong and South Africa under the Belt and Road Policy.


Through this seminar, CoE got the up-to-date information, learnt the different ideas about One Belt One Road Policy, met like-minded people and built the network with attendees.


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