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英國特許測量師學會(RICS)成功舉辦2016 RICS香港地理信息大會 – 建築空間數據

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The RICS Hong Kong Geomatics Conference 2016 – Spatial Data for Construction was successfully held by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) on 10 December 2016 (Saturday). It was organized by RICS and supported by Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES), Hong Kong Institute of Engineering Surveyors (HKIES), PolyU and Department of Land Surveying and Geo-informatics.

2016 RICS香港地理信息大會 – 建築空間數據由英國特許測量師學會(RICS)于2016年12月10日(禮拜六)在香港理工大學(PolyU)舉辦。本次會議由RICS主辦,並獲得英國特許土木工程測量師學會(ICES),香港測量師學會(HKIES),PolyU以及土地測量及地理資訊學系支持。


To enhance Hong Kong’s economic development and its competitiveness globally, a number of mega infrastructure projects across the territory have begun in recent years. RICS Geomatics professional has been actively participating in these projects in a strive to achieve excellence for the profession and the society. In the Geomatics Conference 2016, speakers from different sectors will share their views on the position of the geomatics profession as its transition from the past to modern construction industry, the education of young practitioners, how the latest technologies tackle the challenges of spatial data acquisition, storage and management for construction, and the qualification framework for the profession itself.

為了加強香港經濟發展及全球競爭力,近年來在全港開展了多項大型基建工程項目。 RICS 地理信息專業人員一直積極參與這些項目,努力為專業和社會做出貢獻。 在2016年地理信息大會上,來自不同領域的演講嘉賓將分享他們對地理信息現狀的看法,地理信息從過去到現代的過渡及變化,如何引領青年人參與相關領域,當今科學技術如何應對地理空間數據採集的挑戰、存儲和管理,以及行業本身的資格標準。


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Sr Miranda Lui, the Chairlady of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) and the Chairlady of ICES Hong Kong Region / Vice-Chair of China Region, presented her speech under the title of Spatial Information Infrastructure and BIM in Smart City. During the speech, Ms. Lui introduced the background and current status of Smart City first, then she shared her opinions on how Spatial data, BIM, Infrastructure are related, after that she talked about the One Belt One Road Policy and the involved activates in Malaysia, Indonesia and UK. Last, she discussed how to integrate Spatial data & BIM for Smart City

國際BIM研究院 (CoE) 理事長、英國特許土木工程測量師學會(ICES) 香港區會長/中國區副會長呂靜儀測量師發表了以智慧城市中的空間基礎設施建設與BIM為主題的演講。在演講中,呂女士首先介紹了智慧城市的背景和現狀,然後分享了她對於空間數據、基礎設施建設以及BIM融合應用的看法,之後討論了一帶一路政策與其在馬來西亞、印度尼西亞和英國的落實。最後,呂女士討論了如何將空間數據、BIM在智慧城市中相融合。

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