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ICES和RICS 正式會員快速路徑申請介紹會順利舉辦

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Photo1. Meeting Attendees

The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Membership Accelerated Route Meeting was successfully hold in Shanghai, China on 16th June 2016. It was organized by ICES China Region and RICS. 14 attendees including ICES delegates, RICS delegates, ICES members, engineers, managers, directors and other stakeholders in the construction industry attended this meeting.


英國特許土木工程測量師學會(ICES)和皇家特許測量師學會 (RICS) 正式會員快速路徑申請介紹會於6月16日在中國上海順利舉辦。會議由ICES中國分會和RICS共同舉辦。共14人包括ICES代表、RICS代表, ICES會員、建築師、經理、董事和其它建築業相關人員出席參加了此次會議。

30202Photo2. At the Meeting

The meeting focused on the Accelerated Route between ICES and RICS. It aimed at introducing the requirements, advantages and procedures for members who would like to join in the other side, meanwhile, introducing the background, membership benefits, eligibility and application procedures of ICES and RICS for non-members.


Photo3. Ms. Mandy and Mr. Jacob Photo4. Mr. Jacob and Mr. Douglas

Mr. Jacob Lam (right in Photo3 and left in Photo 4), a Fellow Member of ICES as well as the Beijing Chair of ICES China Region, and Ms. Mandy Pan (left in Photo 3), the Membership Director of RICS East China Region, were invited as speaker. Also, the Administrative Coordinator of ICES China Region Mr. Douglas Xu (right in Photo4) attended this meeting.



Photo5. Ms. Mandy Pan and Mr. Jacob Lam

Ms. Mandy Pan (in the middle of Photo5) delivered her speech first. She presented the significance of ICES/RICS Membership Accelerated Route. Then, Ms. Pan introduced the procedures of how to apply for RICS member via accelerated route for ICES member and how to apply for RICS member via normal route for non-member.


Followed by Ms. Pan, Mr. Jacob Lam (right in Photo5) gave his speech. Mr. Lam shared his own experience on when taking an International construction project what advantages RICS & ICES members will have. Then, Mr. Lam talked about the global development of ICES and the membership grade of ICES China Region. Meanwhile, Mr. Lam also specified the eligibility and the application procedures for attendees who would like to be ICES members. Lastly, Mr. Lam announced that ICES/RICS Membership Accelerated Route was officially launched.

接下來,林清錦先生(圖五右)發表演講。林先生以自己的親身經歷,分享了在國際工程項目上具有RICS 和ICES會員資格的優勢。其次,林先生詳細介紹了ICES在國際上的發展情況和ICS中國分會會員資格的分類。同時,也詳細介紹了非會員申請成為ICES會員的條件和程序。最後,林先生宣佈ICES/RICS會員快速路徑正式啟動。

Then, Mr. Douglas Xu was invited to give a talk. He analyzed the needs of ICES professional qualification in China. Additionally, Mr. Xu delivered his opinion that surveyors should join in ICES to build a more promising future for China surveying industry.


Lastly is the Q&A session, which interacted actively among ICES delegates, RICS delegate and attendees.

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