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ICUMAS Event Report

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2017第五屆國際管綫管理大會(5th ICUMAS 2017)於二零一七年三月二十九日至三十一日在富豪九龍酒店取得圓滿成功。

The Organizing Committee and event management team took more than six months in organizing this international event. ICUMAS 2017 were supported by 34 local and 20 non-local Supporting Organizations including Government Departments, Associations, Corporation, Academic Institutes and Professional Organizations. Global BIM Centre of Excellence provided great support for this international event. 
會議組委會和活動管理團隊耗時六個多月組織了此次國際會議。5th ICUMAS 2017得到34個香港本地機構以及20個全球機構的支持,其中包括政府部門、協會、公司、學術機構和專業機構。國際BIM研究院也對此次國際會議給予了支持。

ICUMAS 2017 attracted hundreds of participants from Hong Kong, Mainland and many overseas countries. There were over 250 participants attended Day 1 Conference and around 200 participants attended Day 2 Conference. Over 40 distinguished local, Mainland and overseas speakers from United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Malaysia and Brunei presented at the two-day conference expressing professional views and expertise on topics around the theme “BIM, Control & Utility Management for Smart City and The Sponge City”.
5th ICUMAS 2017吸引了来自香港、中國内地、海外等多个国家的数百人参加。 超過250人出席了第一天会议,约有200人参加了第二天会议。 来自美国、英国、以色列、马来西亚和文莱的四十多位杰出的香港、中國内地和海外演讲嘉宾在两天的会议上圍繞“建築信息模擬在智慧城市及海綿城市的控制與管綫管理”的主題分享了專業視角及前沿訊息。

Joint Organizers and Co-organizers for ICUMAS 2017 are:

Joint organizers

1) International Institute of Utility Specialists (IIUS) 國際管綫專業學會
2) Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists (HKIUS) 香港管綫專業學會
3) Construction Industry Council (CIC-Hong Kong) 香港建造業議會
4) Control, Automatic & Instrumentation Division, The Hong Kong Institution
of Engineers (HKIE – CAD) 香港工程師學會 - 控制、自動化及儀器儀表分部


1) Smart City Consortium (SCC) 智慧城巿聯盟
2) Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (Hong Kong Branch) (CICES)
英國特許土木工程測量師學會 (香港區)
3) Community, Construction Professionals’ Development Centre (CCPDC)
4) Underground Pipeline Committee of CACP, China
中國城巿規劃協會 - 地下管線專業委員會


Major guests attended the Conference include:

Prof. Lap-chee TSUI, OC, GBS, JP (Victor and William Fung Foundation)
Ir Chi-keung HON, JP (Development Bureau, HKSAR)
Mr. Ka-kui CHAN, BBS, JP (Construction Industry Council)
Ir Dr. King WONG (Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists)
HJ Safar UNTONG (Sabah Surveyor Board)
Ms. Ada Y. S. FUNG, BBS, JP (Housing Authority, HKSAR)
Ir Chung-leung WONG (Water Supplies Department, HKSAR)

Ir Fedrick Y. F. KAN (Drainage Services Department, HKSAR)
Mr. Henry CHAU (Drainage Services Department, HKSAR)
Ir Alfred Wing-hang SIT (Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR)
Mr. Hau-wai CHEUNG, JP (Construction Industry Council)
Mr. Eric YEUNG (Smart City Consortium)
Ir Bobby Mang-tung NG (Water Supplies Department, HKSAR)

Ir Chun-keung NG (Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists)
Mr. Zico Kai-yip KWOK (Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists)
Mr. Clement SIO (The Macau Institution of Engineers)
Mr. Shu-xi YU 俞述西 先生 (廣州市安全生產協會)
Prof. Samuel T. ARIARATNAM (Arizona State University)
Sr. Pengiran MATUSIN MATASAN (ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics)
Prof. Yehiel ROSENFELD (Israel Institute of Technology)
Sr. Dr. Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusoff (Surveying & Mapping of Malaysia)



Prof. TSUI Lap-chee, OC, GBS, JP having a nice sharing time with Dr. King WONG and Mr. CHEUNG Hau-wai JP, at the Reception before the Opening Ceremony


Conference proceedings were placed in souvenir bags for event participants


Mr. CHAN Ka-kui BBS, JP, Chairman of the Construction Industry Council
delivered a remarkable welcoming speech and welcomed all guests and participants at the ICUMAS 2017 Opening Ceremony.

201704257Welcoming of honorable and major guests of ICUMAS 2017

Honorable guests and speakers at the Opening Ceremony



Main Hall was filled with hundreds of Conference participants


Guest of Honor of the ICUMAS 2017 - Ir HON Chi-keung, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Development Bureau, The Government of the HKSAR, presented a meaningful speech for the Conference
2017042512Vote of Thanks by Ir Dr. King Wong to Ir HON Chi-keung, JP,
2017042513Hj Safar UNTONG, the Board Chairman of Sabah Surveyors Board and the Director of Lands and Surveys delivered an excellent keynote speech

Dr. King WONG thanked Hj Safar UNTONG for his excellent speech and invited all special guests to come on stage for group photo

2017042515 (From left) Mr. Eric YEUNG, Mr. Shu-xi YU, Ir Alfred Wing-hang SIT, HJ Safar UTONG, Ir Chi-keung HON, Prof. Lap-chee TSUI, Mr. Ka-kui CHAN, Ir Dr. King WONG, Ir Chung-leung WONG, Mr. Hau-wai CHEUNG and honorable guests and speakers


Prof. TSUI Lap-chee, OC, GBS, JP; Ir HON Chi-keung, JP; Mr. CHAN Ka-kui, BBS, JP; Hj Safar UNTONG; Ir Dr. King WONG, honorable overseas guests and speakers, and Organizing Committee members at the ICUMUS 2017 Opening Ceremony on 30th March 2017.

Hj Safar UNTONG, Ir HON Chi-keung, JP and Dr. King WONG announced the official opening of the 5th ICUMAS 2017 with cheers and applause from all guests

2017042520Ir Dr. King WONG (Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialists) spoke on the topic of “Overview and Challenges of Utility Profession – A Case from Hong Kong”


Ir Chung-leung WONG, JP (Water Supplies Department) presented a speech on
“Towards Smart Water Supply in Hong Kong - the Water Intelligent Network”

2017042522Ir Fedrick KAN (Drainage Services Department) gave a wonderful speech on
“Stormwater Management in Hong Kong – Towards a Sustainable and Resilient City”

2017042523Mr. Shu-xi YU 俞述西先生(廣州市安全生產協會)presented a keynote speech on
“Improving Utility Safety for Guangzhou City” 對加強廣州地下管線安全管理的一點思考

Dr. King WONG presented an Appreciation Certificate to Mr. YU Shu-xi俞述西先生for a wonderful keynote speech.

2017042525Speakers and guests exchanged of ideas during coffee break time

After morning coffee break, paper presentations were carried out at the Main Hall and Breakout room. Presentations at Main Hall are papers on Location and Condition while presentations at Breakout room are focused on Management.

Paper presentation by Ir Dr. Wallace LAI
Topic: Lab-based Validation of Utility Survey Technologies and Methods
(Ir Dr. Wallace LAI also won the Best Paper Award)

Ir Fedrick KAN from Drainage Services Department presented Certificate of Appreciation to Ir Dr. Wallace LAI


Dr. Lewis MAKANA
Topic: Mapping and Assessing the Underworld: A Novel Approach to Utility Management in Smart and Sponge Cities

2017042529(Dr. Lewis MAKANA was the winner for the Best Paper Award)

2017042530Mr. LIANG Kong Zheng
Topic: Recent Robotic Technology For infrastructure and Utilities Construction And Maintenance: A Review


2017042531Ir Kwok Leung NGAI
Topic: Smart Water Network in Hong Kong

2017042533Ir Chun Keung NG
Topic: Evolution of BIM and Information exchange in project lifecycle


Mr. ZHANG Yong Ming 張永命 先生

Topic: Key points on survey of hidden peril of water supply pipelines in Guangzhou City


Ms. WANG Ming Zhu, Annie
Topic: Transformation of Semantic Information-rich Underground Utility Models Between BIM and Web GIS


Dr. Jack C P CHENG
Topic: BIM, Augmented Reality and Computer Vision:
Opportunities and Challenges for Utility Management

2017042537 Demonstration by using VR equipment

 Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a new tool to manage information relating in asset creation and asset management. It is a new way of working using new technology to facilitate project management, construction process control, cross-disciplinary collaboration, stakeholders’ communication, decision making support, productivity management, risk management, etc.

(Construction Industry Council and Housing Authority)

Ms. Ada FUNG is the Deputy Director (Development & Construction) of Housing. She is also Chairperson of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) Committee on Construction Safety and Chairperson of CIC’s Working Group on Roadmap for BIM Implementation.

Ms. Ada FUNG delivered an excellent keynote speech at the opening of the BIM Session on the topic of “BIM in Hong Kong: What is Your Contribution?” which is the main theme of the BIM Session of this Conference.


Mr. CHEUNG Hau-wai, Executive Director of Construction Industry Council presented Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Ada FUNG

Mr. Ka-kui CHAN, BBS, JP, Ms. Ada Y. S. FUNG, BBS, JP, Mr. Hau-wai CHEUNG JP, Dr. King WONG and all guest speakers took photo at the BIM Session chaired by Construction Industry Council on 30th March 2017.
From Project Client’s Perspective:
1. Upcoming Plan for BIM Adoption in Speaker’s Organisation.
2. What Other BIM Stakeholders Could Do to Facilitate Project Clients (esp. Your Organisation) to Require BIM in Construction Projects?
2017042541Mr. Vitus NG
Development Bureau
2017042542Mr. David KWOK
Airport Authority
BIM Session Speakers


MTR Corporation Limited


Mr. Francis LEUNG
Founding Chairman, HKIBIM


Ms. Rosana Wong
Yau Lee Holding Limited


BIM Session Speakers and guests exchanged during coffee break time


Dr. King WONG, Dr. Jack CHENG, Mr. Francis LEUNG, Mr. Ivan KO and Ms. Stella LEUNG


Ms. Ada FUNG, Mr. Larry Gillanders and guests sharing at break time

1. Upcoming Plan for BIM Promotion/ Implementation in Speaker’s Organisation.
2. What Your Organisation Could Do to Facilitate Project Clients to Require BIM in Construction Projects?
2017042549 Ms. Rachel CHOW
Hong Kong Institute of Architects

2017042550 Mr. Antonio CHAN
Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

Mr. Raymond KAM
Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors


Mr. NG Chun-keung
Hong Kong Institute of Utility Specialist

2017042553 Mr. David FUNG
Hong Kong Institute of BIM

2017042554Ms. Miranda LUI
Global BIM Centre of Excellence

2017042555 Mr. Joe WU
Small and Medium Enterprise

2017042556Mr. Raymond KUNG
Independent Checking Unit, Housing Department

201704251003 Mr. Wales YEUNG
Buildings Department

There were 14 excellent guest speaker presentations at the CIC’s BIM Session around the theme “BIM in Hong Kong: What is your Contribution?”


Mr. Martin KEE, Prof. Samuel T. ARIARATNAM, Dr. King WONG, Mr. C. K. NG and guests
at Day 2 Conference Reception

Ir Dr. Chung-nin KO, Moderator of Day 2 Keynote Session
introduced and welcomed speakers for this session

2017042559Mr. Eric YEUNG (Smart City Consortium)
Topic: What Makes “A Smart City” Smart

2017042560Dr. C. N. KO presented Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Eric YEUNG for his wonderful keynote speech

2017042557Mr. Pengiran MATUSIN MATASAN
(ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics) ASEANFLAG
Topic: ASEAN Surveyors - Forging Synergies, Focused Initiatives


Dr. C. N. KO presented Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Pengiran MATUSIN MATASAN for his excellent keynote speech

2017042563Mr. Martin KEE
(Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers - Far East District Section)
Topic: How Natural Gas Changes Cities in Mainland China


Dr. C. N. KO presented Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Martin KEE for his wonderful keynote speech

Sr Dr. Mohd Yunus MOHD YUSOFF (Department of Survey Mapping, Malaysia)
Topic: Governance of Underground Utility Mapping in Malaysia


Dr. C. N. KO presented Certificate of Appreciation to Sr Dr. Mohd Yunus MOHD YUSOFF for his wonderful keynote speech

2017042567 Prof. Samuel T. ARIARATNAM (Arizona State University)
Topic: Consequences of Poor Mapping and Locating Practices During Horizontal Directional Drilling

2017042568Dr. C. N. KO presented Certificate of Appreciation to Prof. Samuel T. ARIARATNAM for his terrific presentation

20170425692017042569Ir Prof. Peter W. TSE
Topic: Recommended Certification Process For Education Programs and Training Schemes
In Physical Asset Management

2017042570Certificate of Appreciation presented to Ir Prof. Peter W. TSE by Dr. King WONG

2017042571Mr. SUN Shi Long
Topic: Study of Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester Design with Magneto Rheological Elastomers

2017042572Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. SUN Shi Long by Prof. Peter W. TSE

2017042573 Mr. Javad ROSTAMI
Topic: Detection of Hidden Corrosion in Pipes Carrying Gas into Hong Kong Residential Buildings by Ultrasonic Guided Waves and Advanced Signal Processing Technique


Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. Javad ROSTAMI by Prof. Peter W. TSE

Mr. Javad ROSTAMI also won the Best Student Paper Award

2017042575Mr. Larry GILLANDERS
Topic: Small-Diameter Pipe Rehabilitation - Patented Lead Free,
Leak Free Epoxy Lining Technology

2017042576Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. Larry GILLANDERS by Prof. Peter W. TSE

2017042577 Ir Dr. Pui-lam NG
Topic: Utilisation of Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) for Manhole Covers

2017042578Mr. ZHENG Hong Biao 鄭洪標 先生
Topic: Application of digital technology in pipeline detection

2017042579Mr. HO Chun Yiu, Alan
Topic: The Design of Internal Alignment Clamp for PE Pipe Fusion

2017042580Mr. WONG Chan Kong, Chris
Topic: Gas Network Asset Life Cycle Costing Model

2017042581 Certificates of Appreciation were presented to all paper presentation speakers
by Dr. King WONG and Sr Miranda LUI

2017042582Dr. Isabelle Y S CHAN, Moderator for the afternoon Keynote and Guest Speakers Session introduced and welcomed all speakers

2017042583Prof. Yehiel ROSENFELD (Israel Institute of Technology)
Topic: Harnessing Evolving Technologies for Better Quality of Life in Cities

2017042584Certificate of Appreciation presented to Prof. Yehiel ROSENFELD by Dr. Isabelle CHAN

2017042585Ir Dr. Peter TSE (City University of Hong Kong)
Topic: Condition Assessment to Pipes


Certificate of Appreciation presented to Ir Dr. Peter TSE by Dr. Isabelle CHAN

2017042589 Mr. LIANG Hao 梁豪 先生 (廣州市市政集團有限公司)
Topic: A Trenchless Repair Technology of Large Diameter Drainage 大直徑排水幹管非開挖修復成套技術


Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. LIANG Hao by Dr. Isabelle CHAN

2017042587 Dr. ZHANG Jian-jun 張健君 博士 (深圳市市政設計院)
Topic: Integrated Pipeline Tunnel Used in Municipal Engineering in China 綜合管廊在市政工程中的應用

2017042590Certificate of Appreciation presented to Dr. ZHANG Jian-jun by Dr. Isabelle CHAN

2017042591Mr. William KWAN (Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited)
Topic: GIS – Enabling a Smarter Optical Network Monitoring Systems

2017042592Certificate of Appreciation presented to Mr. William KWAN by Dr. Isabelle CHAN


Ir Dr. King WONG (Chair of Organizing Committee) and
Ir Dr. Louis LOCK (Co-chair of Organizing Committee)

2017042594Student Helpers and staff were setting up Facebook live for the
Panel discussion on
“Utility Survey Methods and How Accurate Surveys Can Help in Project Safety and Progress?”
2017042595“Utility Professionals Summit” - Panel members from different countries

2017042596Mr. ZHENG Hong Biao (Mainland)
Prof. Yehiel ROSENFELD (Israel)
Mr. Pengiran MATUSIN MATASAN (Brunei)

2017042597Dr. Lewis MAKANA (United Kingdom)
Prof. Samuel T. ARIARATNAM (United States)
Dr. King WONG (Hong Kong)
2017042598Interactions between speaker and audience –
Dr. Lewis MAKANA answered questions from Dr. Louis LOCK

2017042599Dr. King WONG presented Best Paper Award to Dr. Lewis MAKANA
Dr. Peter TSE presented Best Paper Award to Dr. Wallace LAI (collected by representative)

20170425101Dr. Louis LOCK presented Best Student Paper Award to Mr. Javad ROSTAMI


Prof. Yehiel ROSENFELD, Prof. Samuel ARIARATNAM, Sr Pengiran MATUSIN MATASAN, Sr Dr. Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusoff, Dr. King WONG, Dr. Louis LOCK, Dr. Peter TSE, representatives from Supporting and Sponsoring Organizations, and Organizing Committee members at the ICUMUS 2017 Closing Ceremony on 31 March 2017

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