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“綠色建築 - BIM +虛擬現實(VR),增強現實(AR)和混合現實(MR)”研討會圓滿結束

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The Half Day Seminar on “Green Construction - BIM + Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) & Mixed Reality (MR)” had been ended successfully on 23 February 2017 at the C&S & TUS Lecture Hall in Malaysia. It was organized by the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and supported by Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE). More than 40 attendees from government departments, professional institutions, renowned universities and industrial enterprises participated this Half Day Seminar. The event has initiated the participants’ relevant discussion and interaction on sustainable technological development among the topic.
“綠色建築 - BIM +虛擬現實(VR),增強現實(AR)和混合現實(MR)”半日研討會於2017年2月23日在馬來西亞C&S&TUS演講廳圓滿結束。 它由馬來西亞工程師學會(IEM)主辦,並得到國際BIM研究院(CoE)支持。 來自政府部門、專業機構、知名大學和業內企業的40多名代表參加了本次半日研討會。本次活動倡導參與者在可持續技術開發過程中的相關討論與互動。



In the past decade, building information modeling (BIM) technology has achieved numerous application results in the field of construction engineering in UK, United States, Japan and other countries and regions. According to the current development trend of BIM, it is not difficult to expect BIM will have a wide range of development and application in the future. Thus, combined BIM with new technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) will be the new development trend globally.


Green construction is also the global tread nowadays, Sr Miranda, the Chairlady of Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) China Region/ the Immediate Past Chair of ICES Hong Kong Region and the Chairlady of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE), and Mr. Lam will use BIM and VR technologies to facilitate a better world for construction. In their speech, they will discuss how to combine the projects with the excellent management experience in the field of green construction measures by using VR interactive technology and how to implement VR in Green Construction and Safety Quality Experience. With the aim of integrating the technology into practice, Sr Miranda and Mr. Lam will share their views of how to apply AR and MR in Green Construction Measure Management. Meanwhile, they believe that the application of Multimedia Interactive Technology will make the Green Construction Measure Management more effective and more valuable.




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