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2017China Visit(Beijing &Shanghai)中国访问

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On Behalf of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) China Region and the Global BIM Centre of Excellence, Sr Miranda Lui, the Chairlady of both organizations, visited China to promote the institutional cooperation and the professional communication in August 2017. The visit started from 7 August 2017 in Beijing and successfully ended at 10 August 2017 in Shanghai. Meanwhile, the Senior Vice-Chair of ICES China Region Mr. LC Yu, the Honorary Secretary of ICES China Region Mr. Jacob Lam, the Administration Coordinator of ICES China Region Mr. Douglas Xu, the delegates of CoE Mr. Kelvin Kuo and Mr. Jack Cheung also participated this visit.
On 7 August 2017, invited by the China International Contractors Association (CHINCA), ICES & CoE Group visited CHINCA’s office to attend the ICES-CoE-CHINCA Meeting. The meeting is arranged around three core points: 1) promote the membership collaboration and training cooperation among CHINCA, ICES and CoE; 2) discuss the opportunities and methods of organizing events, including Seminars, Forums, Meetings, etc.; 3) explore the possibility of cooperation in many other fields.

2017年8月7日,ICES-CoE代表團受邀訪問中國對外承包工程商會(CHINCA)並出席了於承包商會辦公室召開的ICES-CoE-CHINCA會議。會議主要圍繞三點核心內容召開:1) 促进CHINCA 、ICES以及CoE在会员发展以及培训等方面的合作;2)商谈联合举办建筑业相关活动,例如:研讨会、座谈会、论坛、会议等的合作方式及途径;3)加强CHINCA与ICES/CoE多方面深入合作。

From Left to Right:
Jacob Lam, Hon Sec of ICES;
Fang Qiuchen, Chair of CHINCA;
Miranda Lui, Chairlady of ICES & CoE;
LC Yu, Vice Chair of ICES

In the same day’s afternoon, group representatives visited the Joint Construction Management Technology Company for the discussion of “AI in Construction Management”.



From left to right:
Qiu Chuang邱闖,Joint Construction Management Technology Company
Miranda Lui, Chairlady of ICES & CoE
Jacob Lam, Hon. Sec of ICES

The Autodesk China (AU China) 2017 was started on 9 August 2017 in Shanghai under the title of “The Future of Making Things”. Our group representatives attended its opening ceremony and core forums. During the AU China, ICES and CoE has built close relationship with industrial experts all at home and abroad.



2017 GIS + BIM Meeting had been held successfully at 2pm – 5pm on 9 August 2017 in Tongji Campus, Shanghai, China. It is joint organized by ICES China Region and CoE, and is supported by Tongji University. Over 25 attendees from GIS and BIM areas in professional institutions, renowned universities and famous enterprises are attended the meeting.

2017 GIS + BIM 座談會與2017年8月9日下午2點至5點在同濟校園(中國,上海)內順利舉辦。此次座談會由英國特許土木工程測量師學會和國際BIM研究院聯合舉辦,并得到同濟大學的支持。超過25位來自專業機構、知名高校以及著名企業的代表出席參加了此次座談會。

During the meeting, Ms. Miranda Lui delivered her remarkable speech. She introduced the background and the significant of ICES and CoE first; then shared her view on the development of BIM, QS & GIS both in China and overseas; lastly she announced the plan of establishing the National GIS-BIM Sub Committee, which would be launched by ICES and CoE jointly.

From Left to Right:
Miranda Lui, Chairlady of ICES & CoE
Wang Guangbin, Vice Dean of Tongji SEM
LC Yu, Vice Chair of ICES


On 10 August 2017, visit group attended the BIM Application in EPC and Smart Construction Seminar that organized by China Installation Association in Shang Hai.


Sr Miranda Lui, Chairlady of ICES & CoE

On behalf of ICES and CoE, Ms. Lui introduced the background information of ICES and CoE, and shared her professional views about BIM application in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Mr. Kelvin Kuo delivered his speech under the title of “5D BIM in Hong Kong EPC Projects”.

代表ICES及CoE,呂女士介紹了兩家機構的背景,并對BIM在香港的應用情況發表了自己專業的見解。同時,郭峰先生發表了題為“BIM算量(5D BIM)在香港EPC項目中的應用”的演講。


Mr. Kelvin Kuo, representative from CoE


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