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Executive Training Workshop - International BIM Adoption, Implementation and Management

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Executive Training Workshop - International BIM Adoption, Implementation and Management (The Workshop) was successfully hold in Hong Kong Panda Hotel on 16 April 2018. It was organized by Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) and co-organized by MES Services Limited. The workshop acquired lots of support from institutes, academics and corporates.

The workshop attracted those participants from Hong Kong, Mainland and Overseas. It provided a platform for senior level people in government, academic, commercial to exchange their view and communicate. Distinguished local and overseas speakers presented at the workshop expressing professional views on topics around the theme “International BIM Adoption, Implementation and Management”.


The workshop kicked off on time on 9:00am. On behalf of organizer, Sr Miranda Lui - the Chairlady of Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE), delivered opening remark to all participants. She introduced CoE’s background, aims and development status, later on she welcome all speakers and honorable guests for their contribution in industry.

Follow by the keynote speaker, Ms. Ada Yin-suen Fung, BBS, JP, she is the Chairperson of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) Committee on BIM. Ms. Fung presented keynote speech with the topic “Building a Collaborative Future: Go for BIM”, that she hope to ensure accuracy and get things done right first time with BIM implementation in project. All discipline need to collaborate in order to achieve this in our industry.

The workshop kept going on. Mr. Hu Xiaoguang, the assistant director, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Construction Education (CACE). He is the guest speaker of the workshop. He introduced CACE with BIM examination level and how to operate in Mainland China.

Follow by the session of BIM training workshop conducted by Dr. Bilal Succar, he is the founder of the not-for-profit BIMe Initiative (, established in May 2017), a community-based that develops free guides and tools covering Macro BIM Policy, Competency Benchmarking, Performance Improvement, and Integrated Information Management. Before coffee break time, he presented the talk with the topic of BIM adoption across markets. He elaborated the topic divided into 4 part: what BIM is; what BIM is not; the path to a digital future;BIM diffusion across markets – lessons learned and sample BIM adoption roadmap.

Panel Discussion Forum was the highlight of the whole day workshop. We invited (from left to right) Sr Miranda Lui, Mr. Vincent Chow, the Chief Assistant Secretary (Works) 4 of Development Bureau, Ms. Ada Yin-suen Fung, BBS, JP, Mr. Hu Xiaoguang, M Mr. Zhao Yan, the Secretary General of the specialized committee for higher vocational and adult education of CACE, Dr. Bilal Succar, Dr. Jack C.P. Cheng, Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Director of the RFID Center at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Ir Francis Leung, the Associate Director of New World Construction, the construction department of New World Development and Mr. David Fung, the past chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Building Information Modelling (HKIBIM).

The interactive session was moderated by Sr Miranda Lui where provided platform for different roles in the industry to discuss and exchange views on the topic of “HK BIM Macro Adoption & Professional Assessment integration”. The following questions were covered:

  1. What is the role for Hong Kong on the global integration and Belt & Road Initiative to advance BIM development and adoption?
  2. Any lessons to learn for BIM adoption – in regards to government, organization and future BIMer
  3. How does MiC putting forward in HK market? Any experience shared in Mainland China market?
  4. How do the government/CIC, enterprises/organization, individuals should prepare for this global transformation?


In lunch session, all guests and speakers are invited to join lunch meeting where discuss the HK BIM Macro Adoption Study, Roadmap and Professional Assessment Scheme.

After lunch, the rest of two part of Dr. Bilal Succar training session kept going, they were BIM performance within organisations and teams BIM implementation scenarios. After that, Dr. Bilal Succar conducted a short open discussion for those participants. It was a good interaction.

After open discussion, Professor Stephen Michael Rowlinson who is Chair professor of Construction Project Management, Department of Real Estate and Construction, the University of Hong Kong delivered his speech with humor tone that make attendees impressed. He introduced and analyzed the common shortfalls in the construction industry and emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation and Integrated Project Delivery.

Mr. Kelvin Kuo, the project director of MES Services Limited, he introduced BIM Implementation Platform – ShareBIM, which provide the collaboration platform from principle to practical. Sharebim is a tool that will bring lots of benefit for project management.

The last speaker, Dr. Jack C.P. Cheng, he is Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Director of the RFID Center at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He presented the speech with the topic “BIM: Towards integration and collaboration across disciplines”. He believed that BIM standards and BIM education are keys for such across-disciplinary BIM adoption.

The Chairlady of CoE, Sr Miranda Lui presented certificates to all honorable speakers for their brilliant speech.



We believe that all participants will be better equipped in comprehending and identifying the possible international and local cultural and technical barriers in BIM adoption, other criteria to be considered for implementation, and the approaches for handling these, so as to achieve the objectives in an efficient and effective manner after the training workshop.

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