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Meeting with Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)

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 On 16 October 2018, Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM), University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) and Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE) hold a meeting to discuss on BIM training and BIM accreditation issues.


From left to right:
Prof. Andy Chan, Dean Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNMC)
Mr. Kelvin Kuo, Council Member, Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE)
Sr Miranda Lui, Chairlady, Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE)
Mr. Steven Shee, VP and Chairman, Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)
Ms. Loh Mei Ling, Executive Director, Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM) 
Sr Miranda Lui was introducing CoE
Representatives from MBAM were listening the presentation during the meeting.
After the welcome remark by Mr. Steven Shee, MBAM VP and Chairman of MBAM ICT, Sr Miranda Lui introduce the CoE and the framework of the International BIM assessment and training and have discussion on BIM collaboration between MBAM and CoE in future, highlight as below:     
1. CoE introduced the proposed International Assessment Centre framework and the intention to invite MBAM and CIDB to join into the Steering Committee and also become one of the supporting organization.
2. MBAM expressed the interest on joining and recommend that CIDB will be more appropriate on promotion of BIM issues in Malaysia.
3. CoE planned to issue a publication on the topic of BIM Best Practices for Construction in Asia Pacific and International Experience, and invite MBAM to support on this publication on collection of BIM cases from MBAM member for case studies.
4.CoE will keep in touch with MBAM in regards with the possibility of localization in BIM training issue.
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