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Global BIM Centre of Excellence Constitution (2016-17)


Article 1 Name

Global BIM Centre of Excellence (CoE), Chinese Name: 國際 BIM研究院 

Global BIM Centre of Excellence (Former: ICES-bSHK BIM Centre of Excellence, hereinafter referred to as CoE) is a non-profit making organization that co-founded by Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) China Region as well as the buildingSMART Hong Kong (bSHK), and supported by the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China (UNNC). CoE keeps close relationship with experts and scholars within the industry, regarding promoting the development of the construction industry as the fundamental purpose, devoting to push the profound application of BIM technology, strengthening international exchanges & discussions, accelerating BIM personnel training and boosting the informatization process of construction industry.

Article 2 Mission

CoE gathers top BIM experts and excellent BIM enterprises both at home and abroad. International academic exchange meeting---BIM Summit will be hosted from time to time. Relying on this platform, large BIM competition will also be organized, aiming to facilitate the exchanges within the industry and promote the application and development of BIM technology. In future, BIM Summit will assist us in setting and completing international BIM standard. At the same time, global BIM training will be conducted for training by BIM expertise.

Article 3 Core Value

As a connection and conversion platform, CoE focuses on promoting BIM communication and converting current BIM environment. To this end, CoE devotes to establish: (1) the international communication platform (2) the BIM resource & BIM strategy integration platform (3) the professional BIM education platform.

Article 4 Management

1. CoE Executive Council implements democratic management. The Founding Member forms an alliance relation with the Participating Institutions (including ICES, bSHK and UNNC).

2. All CoE branches follows the same articles with CoE.

3. CoE branches should be established under relevant stipulations, each branch operates independently.

4. CoE has rights to manage branches, branches are controlled by CoE.

5. (1) The Executive Council, which consists of ICES delegates, bSHK delegates, UNNC delegates and founding members, has the top authority in CoE.

  (2) CoE will organize the Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year. Any member under any special situation is allowed to attend through a remote communication system. 

  (3) Council Members are constituted by election, and they have rights to decide the establishment and the termination of CoE.

  (4) General Council’s working reports, financial statements, constitution amendments and structure changes should be disclosed on AGM.

6. (1) General Council Members are elected by AGM in every two years and they are allowed to renew. General Council takes responsible for AGM.

  (2) Duties of General Council:

ž   Approve members’ joining and exiting

ž   Deliberate, approve and amend management principles of CoE

ž   Establish, change and repeal internal organizations

ž   Make the structure of internal personnel

ž   Open the information of working reports, financial statements (if any), constitution amendments and structure changes on AGM.

ž   Discuss and decide other major issues

7. General Council nominates candidates as Executive Council members in every two years. 

8. The Secretariat, which shall be chosen by Executive Council and General Council, serves for two years on organizing routines & events, making work principles, carrying out tasks and taking charge of the Council.

9. This constitution is effective in the year of 2016-2017. Constitution will be amended every year.


Article 5 Service Scope

1 The service scope follows relevant principles in MoU.

2. Make BIM standard after collecting and summarizing latest BIM information, then publicizing this standard through CoE propaganda resources for the industry use.

3. (1) Promote the cooperation and communication among members, institutions and enterprises.

(2) Arrange consulting services.

(3) Support establishing a sound industrial chain between software providers and enterprises.

(4) Support members and enterprises to explore their business space.

4. To investigate, analyze and research about BIM industry. Provide help and supports to membership enterprises, individuals and enterprises in a justice, objective and scientific standpoint.

5. CoE will hold the BIM Summit once or twice every year, and organize events including salon, seminar, communication sharing, training and visit on the purpose of delivering BIM techniques, cultivating talents and stimulating BIM industrialization.

6. Establish CoE website and make it to be the information sharing platform as well as the publicity window. Meanwhile, publish BIM-related magazines and books on the basis of collecting and editing BIM information through the website to raise the social influence of BIM.

7. Propose to establish BIM Examination Registration Department to provide BIM examination registration services for members.

8. Propose to organize International BIM Competition to promote BIM development and individual skills.


Article 6 Membership Grade

The Members of CoE are divided in three grades: (1) the Expert Member Group (2) the International Industry-University-Research (IUR) Platform (3) the Membership

Thereinto, the Membership also divided into Corporate Membership, Institution Membership and Individual Membership (including Member and Affiliate Member).

In addition, the Expert Member including:

(1) Dean, including Honorary Fellow (Dean), Senior Fellow (Dean) and Dean. This level will be presented by the General Council.

(2) Academician, including Honorary Fellow (Academician), Senior Fellow (Academician) and Academician Fellow. This level will be presented by the General Council or the Branch Council.

(3) Researcher, including Senior Research Fellow (Expert Team), Senior Researcher (Expert Team) and Researcher (Expert Team). This level will be presented by the General Council or the Branch Council.

Article 7 Membership Requirements

Membership Grades Requirements
Expert Member

1. Professional experts that invited by CoE

2. Have BIM or BIM-related experience and background

International Industry-University-Research Platform Member

1. Professional institutions that invited by CoE

2. Have relevant experience and background in education, technique, research, etc.

Corporate Member 1. Legal cooperates in architectural consultation, BIM training, construction management or any other relevant area
Institutional Member 1. Legal BIM or BIM-related institutions

1. Members of ICES or bSHK are allowed to get CoE membership directly

2. Applications who working in BIM research organizations or doing BIM-related works are allowed to apply for the Member.  

Affiliate Member BIM amateurs are allowed to apply for the Affiliate Member

Article 8 Application Procedures

1. Submit application documentations

Membership Grade Information Requirements
Expert Member Recommendation letter, application form, copy of certificates, copy of Identification Card, Photo, personal CV
International Industry-University-Research Platform Member Recommendation letter, application form, copy of certificates, copy of Identification Card, Photo, institution introduction, copy of registration documents
Corporate Member Corporate application form, copy of certificates copy of Identification Card, Photo, corporate introduction, copy of registration documents
Institutional Member Institution application form, copy of certificates copy of Identification Card, Photo, institution introduction, copy of registration documents
Member Application form, copy of certificates, copy of Identification Card, Photo, detailed CV
Affiliate Member Apply online

2. After passing the qualification examination given by CoE Council, individual applicants will become CoE Members and corporate/institutional applications should be further approved by Executive Council.

3. After approving, CoE will send the notification to Corporate/Institutional Member.

4. Individual Member/Corporate Member/Institutional Member will get the Membership Certificate, and Expert Member will get the Expert Certificate.

5. Institutional Member are allowed to elect one or two delegates to join in CoE Council.

Article 9 Membership Benefits

1. Join in AGM and have right to vote or to be elected

2. Join in internal and external events.

3. Enjoy the membership discount in events that held by CoE or its cooperative partners.

4. Get fee waivers in Continue Professional Development (CPD).

5. Publish normative information on CoE website/publications and to get latest information in business, techniques, etc.

6. Join, use and present in CoE international platform,

7. Join in training courses, competitions and examinational recognition of CoE.

8. Use CoE Logo in personal card.

9. Have the opportunity to apply for mediation services.

10. Have the opportunity to give suggestions and motions to CoE.

11. Have the opportunity to apply for being the Council Unit (理事單位).

12. Have freedom to quit.

Article 10 Membership Obligations

1. Comply with the constitution, rules and resolutions of CoE. Support and accept of Secretariat’s work.

2. Offer advances/supports/helps for CoE development. Undertake relevant duties and participate in CoE events actively.

3. Safeguard the legal rights and interests and the social reputation of CoE.Any action that demanding industry reputation or harming customer interests is not allowed.

4. Leaking undisclosed information, such as cooperative details and internal comments, is not allowed.

5. CoE members are allowed to offer preferential products and services for other members. Under the same condition, members should consider the products and services that offered by other members first.

6. Recommend new members actively.

7. Inform CoE in 15 working days when changing any communication information or personal information. 

8. Members shall pay Annual Subscriptions under relevant regulations. The payment amount and payment method are formulated by CoE Council.

Article 11 Quit and Disqualification 

1. When quitting from CoE, the Member shall:

(1) Under his/her own will

(2) Submit a written application to Secretariat

(3) Return the Membership Certificate back

2. A member who commits one of the following acts, after approving by Council, shall be disqualified:

(1) Disobey objectives/obligations of CoE, meanwhile, rejecting to make a consensus.

(2) Have violations of laws and disciplines.

(3) A member who does not pay the annual subscriptions will be regard as giving up membership qualification automatically. When quitting or being disqualified, annual subscriptions of the year will not be returned.  


Article 12 CoE Organizational Structure

Classification is as follows:

1. Founding Organizations

Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors(ICES)

BuildingSMART Hong Kong(bSHK)

2. International Advisory Board

University of Nottingham Ningbo China(UNNC)

3. Executive Council

Founding Members

Delegates from ICES, bSHK and UNNC

4. General Council

Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer

Office Bearer

Council Member: consists of one delegate who comes from relevant organizations that have participated in CoE

Founding Members

5. Branch Council

Chair, Vice Chair, Hon. Secretary, Treasurer

Office Bearer

Council Member: consists of one delegate who comes from relevant organizations that have participated in CoE

Founding Members

Article 13 CoE Chair, Vice Chair, Office Bearer, Council Member, General Secretary and Chief Financial Officer shall:

1. Have strong influence and excellent interpersonal relationship within the industry.

2. Devote to develop CoE with enough time and energy.

Article 14 Corporate/Institutional Member shall keep close communication with CoE by determined contact staff (delegates or liaison officers) under relevant requirements.

Article 15 As a non-profit making organization, staffs in CoE are more likely to do voluntary works. The Secretariat shall formulate management standards, logical accounts, financial reports, income/outcome records on the basis of annual subscriptions, sponsorship fees and activity fees, then submit them to Council for further deliberation. The annual financial report should be deliberated by AGM and opened to all members.


Article 16Membership Subscriptions and Institutional Fees

1. Membership Subscriptions (in the year of 2016-17) 

Membership Grade Membership Subscriptions
Expert Member

Free in 2016-17

Industry-University-Research International Platform Member

Free in 2016-17

Corporate Member 50,000(HKD/RMB)/2 years ; 300,000(HKD/RMB)/Permanence
Institutional Member 30,000(HKD/RMB)/ 2 years ; 200,000(HKD/RMB)/Permanence
Member 500(HKD/RMB)/1 year
Affiant Member 300(HKD/RMB)/1 year

2. Application Fee in the year of 2016-17: Free

3. CoE Branches: 10,000HKD/year + 30% of total Membership Subscriptions.

Article 17 The financial arrangement of Secretariat shall be made according to CoE standards.


Article 18 Any discussion that happened in CoE or involved with CoE, including the topic and the content of AEM, General Council Meeting, Team Meeting, will be opened to members. Meanwhile, members shall abide strictly by the confidentiality agreement.


Article 19 All activities of CoE abide by existing laws and regulations strictly.Membersshould know that the unfair competition, stealing and improper disclosure will not be allowed in CoE.

Article 20The intellectual property rights of all research results, industry standards, industry reports and other professional & technical information, which under the name of CoE, are owned by CoE. All members are allowed to quote and use, but not to infringe the copyright.

Article 21 Any member is allowed to open its CoE membership information. CoE will get rights to open members’ information and then put that information on the website, unless the member expresses in writing that he/she is not willing to disclose his/her membership information in CoE.

Article 22This constitution is not intended to (or regard as) establish the enterprise, partnership, joint venture and agency relationship among members. Any member who does not have written authorization, is not allowed to sign the contract or take relevant responsibility on behalf of any other member or CoE. Members shall not take the responsibility, loss or damage that cause by any unauthorized act.

Article 23This constitution will be effective after approving by AGM. Any amendment shall be written by General Council and deliberated by Executive Council.

Article 24 The CoE has full rights to explain the constitution.

                                        Global BIM Centre of Excellence

                                                   17th June, 2016



CoE Executive Council (Founding Member)

Miranda Lui, Yu Lap Chu, Elvis Li, LowHon Wah, Llewellyn Tang


Miranda Lui

Vice Chair

LowHon Wah, Elvis Li

Hon. Secretary

Yu Lap Chu

International Advisory Board Chair

Llewellyn Tang


Jesse He

CPD convener Anson Li



Chairlady: Miranda Lui
Global BIM Centre of Excellence

                                                   17th June 2016

Hong Kong

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